Aspire Botanical Garden

Aspire Katara Investments
Doha, Qatar
Schematic Design, 2015
3500 m2
Aspire Park is a public park set in the core of Aspire Zone. The latter, also known as Doha Sports City, is a 250-hectare sports complex located in the Al Waab district of Doha that was established in 2003 as an international sports destination to host the 15th Asian Games held in 2006.
The sheer number of its visitors proves the immense success of the park as a place of sports practice, recreation and relaxation for families and individuals. Moreover, the success of the few F&B outlets positioned in the park to cater for the immediate needs of visitors indicates the market demand for a more comprehensive restaurant and coffee-shop offer. Therefore it was decided to develop ASPIRE PARK MALL in order to provide F&B outlet facilities for the visitors and parents that bring their children, also connecting by retail bridges to the adjacent Villagio and Hyatt Plaza malls.
The botanical garden is the centerpiece of the Mall and it aims to complement the educational and entertainment offer of children entertainment equipment, for both the parents and the children. Devised as a pedagogical garden, visitors will learn botany and plant biology from different regions of the globe. The theming of the garden is based on the tropic of cancer (latitude of 23° North of the Equator), which is not distant from Qatar’s latitude (25º). The garden invites us to a journey across the globe passing by the different countries and ecosystems around this latitude, including Cloud Forest, Wetlands, Tropical Rainforest, Dry Deciduous Forest, Spiny Forest, Desert and even Alpine habitats on high mountains, across destinations like Hawaii, Mexico, Bahamas, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, China, Libya, Egypt, India.
Landscape Architecture
HAHA Landscape Architecture
Manuel Cordeiro, Nuno Figueiras, Maria Teles
Architecture / Coordination