Casa do Passabem Garden

Mohamed Omaïs & Olivia Gomes
Nazaré, Portugal
Built, 2018
150 m2
The Casa do Passabem outdoor areas project is strictly related to the south-facing building, to the garden inside the lot. Thus three distinct spaces articulate different functions of the house: Patio; Garden; Terrace.
The patio defines the House’s main entrance. It is a small space generated by the distance between the new building and the pre-existing facade. To extoll the ambiguity of the pre-existing façade – which is assumed to be a frontispiece of the lot -, a Fig tree and a Jasmine are routed to its windows.
In the garden the distinction between the inert and organic area is ensured by a low and wide bench: The paved area, closer to the house, interconnects the kitchen and living room from the outside; The organic area and its plantations define the views from the second-floor rooms. This long element promotes an informal use associated with both areas: it materializes a bench, a table, a step that assures the level difference between the pavement and the lawn.
The terrace, located on the second floor of the house, opens onto the patio, garden, and the street, denoting its exposure to neighboring buildings. Thus, in order to filter the light west and increase the privacy of this space that articulates with the bedroom and bathroom, it is proposed the creation of a mashrabiya that supports the climbing plants. Due to the impossibility to create a generous planting area over the building’s slab, a collection of succulent plants in terracotta pots was created.
Landscape Architecture
HAHA Landscape Architecture
Manuel Cordeiro, Nuno Figueiras
Adriana Almeida, Sebastião Carmo-Pereira
Mohamed Omaïs & Olivia Gomes Architects
Architectural Photography
Ultimas Reportagens – FG+SG