Gardens in Setúbal

Lioz Arquitectura
Setúbal, Portugal
Built, 2019
200 m2
The housing complex adjacent to Carlos Relvas bullring, in Setúbal, is composed of two floors twinned buildings, characterized by their terracotta brick spans. The project aimed to rehabilitate a building consisting of two symmetrical fractions and their gardens.
The gardens are located in the Southern area of the plots and are determined by a reduced width rectangular shape. Given the geometry of the plot and the fact that the exterior spaces we’re developed as an extension of the building, the organization of the gardens was defined through the succession of spaces which intensity of use decreases on the proximity of the slope, the garden’s background: Dining / living area on the terracotta brick terrace next to the building, associated with the kitchen; Tank in the transition between the lawn and the slope; View protection zone with dense lush plantation and fast-growing plants that guarantee the stabilization of the slope.
Landscape Architecture
HAHA Landscape Architecture
Manuel Cordeiro, Nuno Figueiras
Lioz Arquitectura
Architectural Photography
Francisco Nogueira